Seven reasons to relax when you take a break

Everyone has his or her own wish list of what to do when it comes to holiday time, and rightly so. Swimming, reading, bushwalking, buying funky antiques or just flying a kite – your holiday time should be your own, to spend as you desire.

But there is one thing that I recommend everyone does at least once a day on your break away. And that is to relax. Here are seven reasons why:

Relax and listen to the locals. It can be amazing what advice and information can be gathered when you take the time to really listen to what local folk have to say. Some of the tales might be a tad tall or outlandish, and that can be a great experience. You never know what you might find out when you listen and learn.

Relax and watch the wildlife. When you slow down, it’s much easier to notice what our natural world is doing. The other locals, the animals, seem to gain a different confidence in a relaxed atmosphere, and watching birds or lizards or wombats going about their business is an awesome experience.

Relax and enjoy your companions. Forget about jumping up and down and “getting things done”. For just a short time, say an hour or so, simply put your feet up, have a chat – or not – and take pleasure in being with your family and friends.

Relax and savour the simplest of meals. Crackers and cheese, fish and chips, or just a bowl of farm-fresh fruit – food tastes best when it’s hassle-free and eaten while just watching the world go by. Fresh-air appetites help as well!

Relax and breathe in the ambiance. The sunset, a sky filled with stars, a warm breeze ruffling the trees – everything around can be beautiful. Take a deep breath and feel a simple contentment.

Relax and smile. Why not? You’re on holiday. Have a good time!

Relax and be different. Get away from the norm. It’s good for the soul.

It’s all simple stuff, and you’ll find the best benefit when you sit back, relax and enjoy.