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A swim in the Darling River

Helmut and Elizabeth Mueller are a freelance photographer and journalist team who are based in Melbourne.

They both love exploring Australia, and get a real kick out of sharing their experiences to help other people enjoy what our wonderful country is all about. It all began about 30 years ago…

In the early 1980s we took two weeks of annual leave and decided to head off into the “outback”. We had no real itinerary but our ultimate goal was to get as far as Winton in Queensland – and to see and feel real bulldust. It was a fantastic trip and we discovered a whole new world where hot water spurted from the ground, sunsets illuminated the horizon with dazzling colours and much, much more. Including our longed-for bulldust…

That trip was our first real adventure, and in the years that followed we took every moment possible to enjoy the outdoors with a long weekend here, a day in the country there, or a week (or more) according to how much leave time we’d accumulated.

Camp at Tower Rock, NTIn 1986 our holidays changed a bit, and we followed what was then the Wynn’s Safari (now Australasian Safari), which we photographed and wrote about for more than 30 magazines in Australia and overseas. The best experiences of the safari were seeing so many places that tourists didn’t usually have access to, and earning an uncommon relationship with the people who owned the properties the race passed through. It really opened our eyes to what a diverse, extraordinary and captivating country Australia really is.

We loved it, absolutely loved it. So much so, in 1989 we packed up, sold just about everything we had and left the city. On a Monday morning, too, so we could wave and smugly smile at all those commuters who were off through the traffic snarl to another possibly monotonous day.

The years we spent travelling were another adventure and, while we had all intentions of travelling right around the country, there was just too much good stuff to see along the way to rush it, so we didn’t get far from the eastern seaboard. We picked up a occasional job – mostly always utilising our photography and writing skills – but after seven years moved back to the “city”.

In Melbourne, we went back to real jobs (kind of) and Helmut produced images for a range of leading motoring magazines as well as automotive companies. Elizabeth spent most of that time as editor for a national camping and caravanning magazine. We still grabbed time away whenever work allowed, driving ourselves around and discovering even more about our wonderful country.

We’ve never stopped learning or getting excited about or being amazed by our natural world. We don’t have a “been there, done that” or even a “tick off the bucket list” outlook. We go out exploring to enjoy the moment, the place and the time for all its worth.

After all, every journey is an adventure.